Freedom in Christ Weekend

The Freedom in Christ Weekend is a life-transforming event. Most church members have received Christ by faith but now they live life in the flesh. They want to live righteously but find that they are unable to do so. The Freedom in Christ Weekend instructs believers in how to live surrendered to Christ allowing them to experience the “fruit of the Spirit.” Your members will be given the opportunity to go through the Steps to Freedom in Christ, a gentle encounter with the Lord that will help them to resolve issues from the past that may be holding them back. The benefit to the church is church members who understand their identity in Christ with the desire and ability to serve. Secondly it is a wonderful opportunity for outreach to the community. Finally it is the first step to launching an exponential discipleship ministry. This one conference can transform your church.

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iDisciple1 Mentoring Seminar

The iDisciple1 Mentoring Seminar is a follow-up to our Freedom in Christ Weekend. It’s a half-day conference that provides believers with the tools and structure to disciple others one-on-one. One believer in your church could disciple 32 people over a 4-year period. Men disciple men and women disciple women. Ten people in your church committed to following iDisciple1 can reach 320 people in 4 years. That is real new-testament church growth.

Revelation of Marriage Conference

The Revelation of Marriage Conference is a fun and informative weekend conference that will help couples to have a Christ centered marriage that will draw them close. Today divorce is tearing churches apart. The divorce rate in the church exceeds 50%. When couples split up, families are divided and often the family leaves the church altogether. Redemption Counseling has been successfully ministering to couples by helping them to reconcile their differences and establish a renewed relationship based upon biblical principles. Divorce also adversely affects the church. Christianity Today reports that the average cost to a church budget of one divorce is $3,500 annually. This conference is a defense against divorce.

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One-Day Parenting Conference

The One-Day Parenting Conference is a fun conference that teaches parents and parents to be how to raise children in an environment of grace resulting in children of purpose, strength and grace. Churches find that following this conference that young parents become more involved in serving in the church. This is also a great outreach to the community.