About the Conference

Jesus said that knowing the truth is the key to freedom (John 8:32) but simply reading or hearing the truth is often not enough to KNOW it. This weekend will help you make real connections with the truth. It’s not a matter of collecting information or being loaded down with things to do. It’s simply about deepening our understanding of who we already are in Christ and what flows from that.

We’ll find out what happened when we became Christians and how that is the basis for genuine victory over sin; we’ll learn how to change negative ways of thinking and behaving; and we’ll look at the spiritual battle we’re in and understand how to win it. You’ll also be given the opportunity to go through the Steps to Freedom in Christ, a gentle encounter with the Lord (just between you and him), to help you to resolve issues from the past that may be holding you back.

In short this weekend will give you a framework for moving on to spiritual maturity, perhaps faster than you thought possible. Know matter how long or short a time you have been a Christian, you will benefit from its straightforward and thoroughly biblical approach.