“Our marriage was over! Coastal Counseling was our last chance to save our marriage. After just five sessions our marriage is better then ever because Jesus is now the center of our home.”Sharon
“I was addicted to drugs since age 12. I couldn’t hold a job, I felt worthless. Now I am free from drugs, I have a job and a life!”Terry
“For years I lived two lives. I was a Christian family man but I was also an adulterer. God has delivered me. I’m free! God and my family are what is most important and for the first time since I can remember I’m truly content.”Richard
“When Drew told me that after five sessions I would be free I didn’t believe it. But I am free and it only took four sessions.”Scott
“I have suffered with depression all my life. As a believer it’s hard to feel like a good Christian and be depressed. I felt like a failure and that just made things worse. But at Coastal Counseling I discovered my true identity as a child of God. I’m free!”Patty
“I got my marriage back! That is worth more to me then anything. I donate to Coastal Counseling every month just to say thank you.”Nancy
My son was going through a very dark time and Drew helped him to see the light. He is doing great now. I’m so thankful.”Linda